Encrypt S Limited was founded by Craig MacGregor in 2015. It was founded to focus on blockchain based products and services. Our mission is to simplify blockchain technology and make both its business and social benefits available to all industries.

Trustless Updates

Since its founding, Encrypt S has played an instrumental role in the rise of Nav Coin. With Encrypt S involvement, Nav Coin has become a strong global contender in privacy centric cryptocurrencies. Encrypt S designed and built Nav Coin’s decentralised, dual blockchain based private payment platform which rocketed Nav Coin onto the world stage.

Nav Coin has a multi million dollar market cap and was the 3rd best performing cryptocurrency of 2016.

Encrypt S is still heavily involved in the development of Nav Coin and has announced another round of groundbreaking features in Nav Coin’s 2017 road map.

Beyond Nav Coin, Encrypt S is working on it’s second public offering which will be brought to market in 2017.

We have a wide range of digital capabilities and are always open to helping businesses plan, build and deploy blockchain solutions to fit their needs.

We also offer educational services including group seminars and one on one consultations. If you would like to know more about blockchain technology or you would like to educate your company, don’t hesitate to contact us.