A perspective on five years as a blockchain engineer

Blockchain is a young and rapidly developing technology, and there are few people who have been involved in it as long as Craig. The recent release of the Valence White Paper by Encrypt S – the first second-generation blockchain application platform – inspired Craig to reflect on the the past five years and share his thoughts in this article he wrote for online magazine Medium. Read the first few paragraphs here, and then head over to Medium to see it in its entirety.

Riding the shifting dunes of the blockchain landscape.

The last six months have seen some huge changes in the cryptocurrency industry, including the NavCoin Community and Encrypt S. Change can be turbulent and often difficult, but I’ve learnt that when we endure change, it ultimately leads to insight, progress and a stronger position than before.

NavCoin is a publicly owned community initiative, that I have deep ties to. I have been one of it’s biggest proponents since its launch four years ago. I fundamentally believe in its core proposition of personal responsibility, privacy and freedom. But as one person I found I could only do so much, so I wanted to find a way to amplify my contributions to NavCoin’s advancement. At the beginning of 2017 I quit my job and setup the blockchain engineering company Encrypt S to sponsor developers to work on the NavCoin protocol and other related blockchain software.

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