Brian Colwell talks NavCoin with Craig MacGregor

@BrianDColwell (aka. Crypto Hobbit) recently started the Equal-Weight Privacy Coin Index, focused on privacy tech innovation, and it was suggested that NavCoin be included as a component.

There was some question on Twitter as to how @NavCoin was innovating privacy tech, and what the project’s goals are for the future. Brian reached out to me to find out more about NavCoin and what we stand for.

Here’s a couple highlights, or you can read the full article in the link below.

How is NavCoin positioning itself in the fight for privacy rights?

NavCoin is currently privacy optional. My personal stance is that privacy is a human right and should be vigorously defended.

“In a monetized society where income is closely correlated to quality of life, financial privacy becomes closely correlated with freedom of expression of the individual.”

How is NavCoin realizing and/or furthering Satoshi Nakomoto’s work and vision?

We’re definitely admirers of Satoshi Nakamoto’s work and vision. The NavCoin Core team have published our own manifesto which outlines how we operate and why.

“We are big proponents of decentralisation, inclusiveness, collaboration, autonomy, freedom and privacy… not just in the way the code works, but also how people can use or contribute to NavCoin.”

Beyond being a currency, once NavCoin realizes it’s current vision, what will be the use-cases? Or do you see NavCoin purely as a currency?

“NavCoin itself is designed to be a cheap, fast, lightweight digital currency. Our thinking is that instead of adding complexity to the NavCoin protocol it’s better to abstract them away into purpose built software or blockchains.”

We are working on a blockchain application platform called Valence, our own unique approach to creating data driven smart contracts on the blockchain, which we will use to power advanced features across NavCoin and other blockchains.

Read the full interview here