Craig’s Oxfam ration challenge

The Syrian refugee crisis has occupied the news for several years now, and as a result many people are beginning to become immune to its horrors. The Oxfam Ration Challenge is an attempt to restore its relevance by personalising the difficulties refugees face in their struggle to survive day by day. Craig decided to take part in the Ration Challenge to show his support and raise funds for Oxfam in their work to improve conditions for people driven from their homes by this protracted civil war.

Craig decided to leverage his considerable social media following to help boosts the money he gained from sponsorships, and documented his week eating exactly what refugees in the Syrian camps are provided by Oxfam. He made a series of videos and social posts that recorded his journey. At the conclusion of the Challenge Craig had earned the highest amount in sponsorship of any individual in New Zealand.

It certainly wasn’t an easy week. The Challenge diet was strictly limited to rice and few other items. But he thing most others seemed to identify with was the enforced withdrawal from caffeine – something that was especially difficult in this coffee fuelled industry. You can read more about Craig’s experience during the Oxfam Ration Challenge in this article that Craig wrote for Medium.

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