A new charity donation stream

The dramatic rise in the size of cryptocurrency market capitalisation in the past few years has generated new wealth for thousands of people all over the world. Because of the decentralised, community-based ecosystems that are endemic to these currencies, investors tend to be socially aware and value the world they live in. When you combine these two things you have the perfect recipe for a generous donor to charity.

With that in mind Craig recently approached one of his favourite charities ‘Forest and Bird’ New Zealand with the idea of enabling them to accept online donations in cryptocurrency.

Forest and Bird is New Zealand’s leading environmental protection organisation, and works to defend natural plants and animals from the effects of development, pollution and climate change. To do this important work its depends heavily on support from its donors. By helping them to accept cryptocurrency on the donations page of their website Craig hope to help them access a lucrative new stream of donations that they otherwise might not have received.

If you’d like to be become a donor to Forest and Bird visit their website here.


Encrypt S is currently in discussion with the World WildLife Fund and other charities to help them add cryptocurrencies to their donation options. If you would like to find out more please contact us on info@encrypt-s.com