Introducing business to blockchain

As interest in blockchain technology continues to grow Craig has found himself doing more and more educational events in the business community. Among recent engagements have been presentations to CEOs as part of Fintech Week, and innovation teams at Air New Zealand, Trade Me, Xero, the Oracle Corporation, and data scientists at Dot Loves Data in Wellington.

Because blockchain technology is its infancy, few people whose business could benefit from integrating it with their legacy systems understand how to use it. For that reason Craig’s talks are mainly directed towards demystifying the technology and opening his audience’s eyes to its enormous potential as a business tool.  

From Craig’s point of view the most rewarding aspect of these sessions is the look of understanding that gradually lights up the faces in his audience. During his presentation they undergo a transformation – from people for whom blockchain was a closed book, to ones who can see its fundamental principles with clarity, and begin to identify how it might be used to enhance their own businesses.

The ‘Introduction to Bitcoin and Blockchain’ presentation covers the development of bitcoin, why blockchain is now so much more than Bitcoin, the unique attributes of the technology and how it can be used to improve existing products and services – for example supply chain management, proof of identity and authenticity, and conditional payments.

Craig’s presentations can be tailored to suit the audience – from the basics for C-Suite executives and their teams, to highly technical dissertations for Information Architects looking to seamlessly integrate blockchain technology with their company’s legacy systems.

If you would like to know more about Encrypt S educational services for enterprise scale businesses please contact us.