Transforming the internet


Blockchain is changing the way the world does business, providing never before experienced transparency, trust and decentralisation.


Decentralised Data

Decentralising your data has a wide range of benefits for your business and its customers. It's virtually impossible to destroy, manipulate or alter in anyway.


Trust and Transparency

Because blockchain data is virtually impossible to manipulate it provides unparalleled trust between your business and its customers.


Smart Contracts

Smart contracts can lock in funds but only pay on the fulfilment of set conditions, which can automate refunds or the release of escrowed funds.

"The ability to create something which is not duplicable in the digital world has enormous value. Lots of people will build businesses on top of that"

- Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google.
Is blockchain technology the right choice for my business?

Since its inception in 2008 blockchain technology has largely been focused on the digital financial sector which has grown to become a $500Bn industry. With the wide success of blockchain based applications in finance, other industries are now starting to reap the benefits that the technology offers. Any industry that requires transparency, integrity, authenticity, immutability or accountability can also benefit from blockchain technology. Some working applications outside of the finance sector include:

  • Product logistics, chain of custody and proof of authenticity
  • Document and contract management
  • Decentralised voting systems
  • Peer to peer trading platforms