Blockchain Experts

Blockchain Experts

Blockchain will change how the world does business - through digitizing trust, and the creation of an open data economy.

Engineering blockchain solutions since 2014 - Encrypt S is an R&D lab at the forefront of this technology. We are dedicated to simplifying blockchain technology to make its business and social benefits available to all.

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Why Blockchain?


Digital fingerprints, supply chain logistics, and conditional payments/escrow are just a few of the ways blockchain technology can transform the way industries operate. Our proven blockchain expertise means Encrypt S can help you deliver tangible economic and social benefits to your business and your customers.

Auditable data

Blockchain provides an immutable record of transactions.

Data Integrity

Data stored on a blockchain is tamper-proof and fully transparent.

Digital Fingerprint

Simple, reliable solutions to Know Your Customer (KYC) and other proof of identity requirements

Smart Contracts

Conditional payments and escrow services enable smarter transactions with built-in trust.

Our Software


We are dedicated to building high-quality, easy to use blockchain technology. All our software is open-source and released under the MIT license. Decentralization isn’t just a tagline - our software is built from the ground up to take advantage of all the benefits that decentralized projects can bring.

As well as contributing to a number of open-source community platforms, the Encrypt S team are also building a suite of blockchain products.


An easy to use light wallet that allows users take control of their private keys and securely store NAV.


An entirely new platform that will make building blockchain applications easy and accessible to any business.


This feature-rich, open-source multi-currency wallet is currently under development.


Taxoshi is like having your own personal cryptocurrency tax assistant at a fraction of the cost.

Our Services


With a wealth of experience and a raft of open source software we've built at our disposal, we offer a wide range of blockchain related development services. Whether you want to integrate cryptocurrency payments for your e-commerce store, start your own cryptocurrency, or implement one of features we've built into your existing cryptocurrency, we can help you make it happen.

Crypto Payments

We can help you accept Bitcoin, NavCoin and other cryptocurrencies in your online or brick and mortar store.

Token Creation

We can help you create your own ethereum token or standalone cryptocurrency for your business or community.

Software Development

We can help you build wallets, websites and even core protocol improvements of your own blockchain project.

Due Diligence

We can help you assess potential investments by performing technical due diligence on projects.

Seminars & Conferences


We can help your team or atendees discover the unique attributes of blockchain and how it can be used to improve systems, products and services. Presentations can be tailored to suit the audience - from a basic introduction to a highly technical discussion.


Here are some of the companies and conferences we've run blockchain education sessions at:

Private Consultations


If your business is considering implementing blockchain applications, or you’re still unsure of its potential benefits to your business Encrypt S can help you. We offer tailored consultancy services, including project scoping, infrastructure and team planning, staff training, and development solutions.

What others say

“Craig has an in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology and is a fantastic public educator. His lecture on private cryptocurrencies was very interesting and engaging.”

  • Colbert Low

    Founder, Bitcoin Malaysia

“Craig provided an excellent introduction to blockchain technology and Bitcoin at our AML SUMMIT conference in Auckland. His session received great feedback."

  • Richard Manthel

    Director, AML Solutions

"Craig has obvious passion and enthusiasm for blockchain. He has the fairly unique ability to communicate this complex technology in simple digestible terms."

  • Caroline Rawlinson

    CFO, TradeMe

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