Brian Colwell talks NavCoin with Craig MacGregor

@BrianDColwell (aka. Crypto Hobbit) recently started the Equal-Weight Privacy Coin Index, focused on privacy tech innovation, and it was suggested that NavCoin be included as a component. There was some question on Twitter as to how @NavCoin was innovating privacy tech, and what the project’s goals are for the future. Brian reached out to … Read More

Blockchain in high places

I waded into the blockchain industry head first in 2014, lured in by the fever pitch excitement of the 2013 Bitcoin bull run. I ended up attaching myself as an engineer to a new project called Navajocoin and for me the rest is history. Since that time and before, many … Read More

A perspective on five years as a blockchain engineer

Blockchain is a young and rapidly developing technology, and there are few people who have been involved in it as long as Craig. The recent release of the Valence White Paper by Encrypt S – the first second-generation blockchain application platform – inspired Craig to reflect on the the past … Read More

Craig’s Oxfam ration challenge

The Syrian refugee crisis has occupied the news for several years now, and as a result many people are beginning to become immune to its horrors. The Oxfam Ration Challenge is an attempt to restore its relevance by personalising the difficulties refugees face in their struggle to survive day by … Read More

Introducing business to blockchain

As interest in blockchain technology continues to grow Craig has found himself doing more and more educational events in the business community. Among recent engagements have been presentations to CEOs as part of Fintech Week, and innovation teams at Air New Zealand, Trade Me, Xero, the Oracle Corporation, and data … Read More

Blockchain data applications made easy with Valence

The first version of the white paper for Valence Blockchain Applications is now ready to view. Valence is proposed by Craig MacGregor and Alex Vazquez, contributors to NavCoin Core and the NavTech private payment platform. This is a working document and further technical specifications will be published over the coming … Read More

A new charity donation stream

The dramatic rise in the size of cryptocurrency market capitalisation in the past few years has generated new wealth for thousands of people all over the world. Because of the decentralised, community-based ecosystems that are endemic to these currencies, investors tend to be socially aware and value the world they … Read More

Bloktex Malaysia conference round up

Encrypt S CEO Craig MacGregor attended the Bloktex Conference in Kuala Lumpur on the 9th of April and delivered a presentation on the technology inside private cryptocurrencies. He explored the leading private cryptocurrencies and explained how each of them works in terms which non-engineers can understand. He then scored each … Read More

Changing the way the world does business

Since it’s invention in 2008 by its still unknown creator who went by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, blockchain has remained largely ununderstood outside of technical circles. When someone tries to explain the benefits of asymmetric data encryption and peer distributed consensus algorithms, most peoples eyes rightly glaze over. While a lot of its inner workings are … Read More