About Us


Encrypt S has been engineering blockchain solutions since NavCoin's launch in 2014 and is New Zealand’s leading blockchain R&D lab. We build open-source software that helps simplify cryptocurrency and puts the unique benefits of blockchain applications within the reach of business.

Meet The Team



Craig MacGregor

Chief Executive Officer

Craig ranks amongst the world’s most experienced blockchain developers. Since founding NavCoin in 2014 he has built Encrypt S into a globally recognised blockchain lab.


Alex Vazquez

Chief Technical Officer

Alex is a blockchain pioneer with a peerless understanding of the science behind the technology, and how to implement it to create practical business solutions.


Paul Sanderson

Lead Software Engineer

Paul is a highly regarded Creative Technologist and Technical Director, whose management and technical skills are in demand for consultancy and investment advising.


Rowan Savage

Senior Software Engineer

Rowan is a full stack Javascript, React and Node.js specialist with over a decade of web experience, specialising in complex front-end web apps.


Matt Paul

Software Engineer

Matt is a talented full stack Javascript developer with experience in the Angular UI framework and Node.js development.


Laura Harris

Creative Director

Laura’s unique combination of commercial and creative flair means the Encrypt S message is always powerful, relevant and distinctive.


We're Hiring


We have a lot of projects underway and in the pipeline. If you're interested in working with blockchain technology alongside the team with the most practical experienced in New Zealand, get in touch.


Community Manager

Open source projects thrive by having high quality community engagement. We're looking for someone to help make our online presence world class.


Project Manager

With so many projects underway or in the pipeline, we're looking for someone to help ensure they're delivered on time and in alignment with our wider goals.


Web Developers

A large proportion of what we build leverages web technologies. We're looking for top quality web developers who are driven to create great websites and applications.


Blockchain Engineers

We don't just build on top of blockchain, we engineer blockchain protocols from the ground up. We're looking for C++ engineers who want to change the world.